CC1 Camera Crane

The Reflash CC1 Camera Crane, we’ve agonised over the design details in order to produce a piece of equipment that is robust, easy to use and flexible enough to cope if the owner wants to expand their capabilities at a later stage. Packed with features, from the sliding weight carriage to allow perfect balance with less counterweights to the Aluminium Alloy and Stainless Steel construction for high strength with light weight. The crane is designed to be used with our easy to install 1-piece EX1 extension units allowing you to build bigger setups quickly and easily.

The Reflash CC1 Camera Crane, and indeed the whole range of equipment, is the product of several years of design, development and testing. The CC1 is robust, very easy to use and flexible enough to cope if the owner wants to expand their capabilities at a later stage.

  • Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel and high performance polymers used in the construction of the CC1. All equipment is CE Marked for safety of those operating the equipment as well as those around them.
  • Aluminium arms are matte black anodised giving minimal reflection. Fasteners are all blackened Steel or anodised Aluminium. (Titanium options available on request).
  • Adjustable weight carriage allowing crane balance to be adjusted without changing weights, the carriage rides on Tecatron PVX high performance polymer bushes for reliable smooth operation.
  • Counterweight arm folds away for compact transport.
  • Camera mounting can be quickly mounted / dismounted using the quick release clamp on the crane head. This can be useful for security as well as offering the useful ability to quickly change to an extended crane setup or switch to underslung filming mode.
  • Grab handle can be used to carry the crane around in one hand as well as manoeuvre the crane when in use.
  • Continuous 360 degree pan. IGUS polymer slew bearing gives continuous maintenance free rotation.
  • Adjustable pan rotation damping / lock-off control on crane base. 
  • For ascent/ descent, Stainless Steel pivot pins operate in Oilite sintered bushes – No maintenance required. 
  • Max Ascent 1220mm approx. 
  • Max Descent 800mm approx. 
  • Normal Height Range (Very Bottom to Very Top) 2020mm approx.
  • Camera Crane weight 12Kg / 26Ibs approx. 
  • Max payload for the CC1 crane is 25Kg / 55Ibs.
  • Fitment type 100mm Bowl. (Other options are available – call us alternative mounts.
  • Extension kit available, 1 x EX1 Extension kit installed in under 1 minute and extends the crane by 1200mm approx. (optional).

£1,949.00 for the CC1 crane.

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